How to Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Business Success

You may be sabotaging your business…and not know why. You’re not alone (and there is a solution!) Try as they might, many entrepreneurs are stuck: clients aren’t coming in and new products or services fall flat. Business becomes hard work. Most entrepreneurs deal with their frustration by throwing money at the problem, “Maybe if I got another marketing tool or implemented another marketing strategy…THEN the business will come flooding in.” But here’s a shocking fact: many business problems have NOTHING to do with tools and techniques…but have EVERYTHING to do with the emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing of the entrepreneur.

Few business experts ever talk about this (or can)…but one of the secrets to experiencing explosive growth in your business is clearing up the personal issues that are affecting your business. Often, these “shadow” issues require you to come face-to-face with repressed, disowned and unclaimed parts of yourself that are the unwitting source of your self-sabotage and financial struggle.

A shadow part of you isn’t a bad thing. We’ve just made it into something scarier that it actually is…

It’s like a part of ourselves we put in the basement cellar a long time ago. Not only that, we’ve covered the cellar door with a thick rug and piled furniture on top…just to make sure we never have to face that shadow part of ourselves again. After a while, we totally deny its existence. We can’t even see it – it’s a shadow.

But it doesn’t help. Its effects show up in our lives all the time…often in our businesses.

The Effects of Shadow in Your Business

Shadows are the result of misconceptions – beliefs that we think are true, but aren’t. Here’s a common way a shadow is born…

Something happened to you as a child and you made it mean something. It was your way of dealing with a hard life situation back then. You made up an interpretation of how reality is…but it’s just that, an interpretation! We forget this and turn our new belief into a real thing, “This is how life really is!”

Then we carry our made up belief into adulthood…and into our businesses.

For example, Jen is a coach who runs her own business. When she was a child her father died. She saw her mom struggle financially to feed Jen and her two brothers. Her mom worked hard…and was rarely happy.

Jen was just a kid – life threw her a difficult situation. So Jen worked hard not to be a burden to her mom and to take care of her two brothers. In order to cope, Jen interpreted what happened as, “I always have to work hard. I have to do it all alone. I can’t be happy AND successful.”

Fast forward twenty five years. Jen is working hard at her business…

She hears the business gurus say to outsource your work to a virtual assistant, but Jen can’t seem to bring herself to do it…and doesn’t understand why. And what’s more confusing, when she worked in corporate, she was very successful – but alone and never happy. Now that she’s happily married – she can’t seem to be successful!

The “Hidden” Secret of Successful Entrepreneurs

We all have shadow elements. Sometimes we think our shadows have nothing to do with our business or that we can hide our shadows from others…that they are invisible.

But they’re not!

Ironically, we can’t see them – but everyone else can!

Another way we’ve seen the shadow manifest in business is when an entrepreneur actually pushes AWAY their target market. The entrepreneur is so passionate about the topic of their business – their cause – that they feel the compulsion to push it on others, “Everybody NEEDS to have this!”

It’s great to be passionate – of course. The challenge arises when the entrepreneur uses their business to try to impose on others the need to transform issues that the entrepreneur themselves needs to work on!

The entrepreneur can no longer distinguish between what they think people need vs. what the market actually wants. The entrepreneur becomes blind to the fact that business is the purchase and sale of goods and services in an attempt to make a profit – not a forum to work out personal issues.

Successful entrepreneurs separate business from personal.

Having Said That…

Okay. So business is business and personal is personal. But we’re human beings! We’re going to mix the two. Instead of forcing ourselves to separate business from personal, why not leverage your struggles in business as a vehicle for your own personal transformation?

If we let our business experience show us where we’re unconscious with our repressed shadow elements, then we can transform our life AND open up the floodgates in our business at the same time.

When we face square on how our shadow is creeping into our business…only then can we truly separate business from personal.

Overcoming Self-Sabotage

The shadow is like a pair of glasses with an old prescription. You can’t see clearly through these lenses, but you think, “These are my glasses! I need them to see!”

It’s very hard to work on shadow issues by yourself. To break free from the invisible bonds of our shadow it helps to work with someone outside of your life drama – a compassionate facilitator.

The process is simple…

When you re-experience the original pain from childhood that you’ve been fighting against, the issue gets resolved…fast! The shadow is let out of the basement and allowed to breathe in the light.

This embodied experience happens energetically. Your facilitator, often an energy healer, spiritual teacher or therapist who understands the body and spirit as well as psychological theories, helps you integrate.

What happens next is amazing…

Once let free, the shadow becomes your ally – a huge source of power. The hose is un-kinked and the pent up energy flows freely again – giving YOU more energy.

The floodgates of money and success are opened up to you forever.

Various Choices of Wine Cellar Accessories

Drinking a one off bottle of wine is fine. However, when you enjoy different kinds of wine and are passionate about collecting them then it calls for a cellar with different wine cellar accessories.

The business wine has effort and is as well an expensive business. If you are a wine collector or know someone who is then you are aware of the various precautions to be taken care of when it comes the wine bottles.

If you like to store bottles at home then it is a good idea to convert your basement area or some spare room inside your home into a well placed cellar. There are certain requirements for a cellar for wines. The cellar area has to be humid, cold and dark. Wines need to be stored at specific temperatures and hence proper care should be taken about the temperature conditions in order not to ruin the expensive bottles.

The first thing you should do for your very convenient cellar is to buy a wine cooler fridge and store those bottles of the wine which require a little cooler temperature. You get many brands of different wine coolers in the market today and they are available in different capacities. You should buy one according to the size of your wine collection. Some kinds of the wine taste great only when they are served chilled. You are able to serve your guests the best kinds of chilled wine directly from your beloved cellar.

Another thing to be done for an appropriate cell is the installation of an integral cooling and humid control unit. This will always keep the temperature of your cellar in the exact condition suited to the wines.

Wine racks are the other accessories you may install in your cellar. Wine racks are readily available in the market and they just have to have been bought and assembled. You can also choose to make your own wine racks and for the purpose ensure that the material used is sturdy enough.

Having a wine decanter in your personal cellar is a great idea if you like your wine served to your guests directly from the cellar itself. When you know a certain bottle is going to be opened soon you are able place it in the decanter till it is aerated. The aerated bottle which contains wine can be served to your special guests in a jiffy and directly from the cellar.

You will have the most worthwhile wine cellar with the many useful wine cellar accessories available today and with just the right kind of effort you will be the envy of every other wine collector.

The Best Specialty Services For International Business

Most if us know that when you go on business anywhere; local or otherwise, it’s important that the hotel your staying at offers certain services. For some of us we might be a little less demanding and can stand having a room with 5 channels, no Internet connection, and a twin bed. But for me, and many others, we like to be comfortable and in touch with the outside world whenever we can because business matters is something we have to keep in touch with at all times, and comfort, well that should just be mandatory!

Recently I was thinking about going overseas to meet up with a few companies and businesses that might be interested in my business and then I got to thinking; who offers what, and what makes them really stand out amongst the crowd of all the other hotels and resorts. Little did I know, there are some really cool services and amenities available those of us that own business and do international travel! A few of them have been listed below (business and otherwise):

Pattaya Exhibition And Convention Hall (PEACH) is a world-class multipurpose exhibition and meeting facility of the award-winning Royal Cliff Beach Resort offering complete versatility and flexibility. PEACH has 6-levels and is located along the slopes of the cliff between Jomtien and Pattaya in a stand-alone complex occupying 10 acres. The convention and exhibition hall accommodates up to 8,000 person’s theatre-style or 3,640 for banquets. The hall is highly flexible and can be divided into four large soundproof sections or into 10 smaller sections. There are also 18 breakout rooms with various capacities ranging from 25 to 320. This is a pretty incredible feat! I went online and looked up a little bit about the Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall and the pictures alone are amazing!

M.I.C.E is a new form of business services which is the fastest developing arena of the International tourism market. MICE supplies its services to many different business meetings, conferences, and also events and exhibitions. In fact, MICE; Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions is growing so famous and popular it’s actually one of the fiercest selections at any hotel and has become essential to that of tourists and tourist destinations such as India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Dubai and Thailand! One of the most popular destinations for M.I.C.E, however, is India and Thailand, particularly Pattaya.

Its like an all in one service for people that stay in these hotels. The main goal for most places internationally is to have this type of service as being the “bread and butter” of the hotels individuals are staying at. And with the advancement of technology, warm hospitality and individualized services merged with natural beauty and rich heritage this destination doesn’t seem to be very far amongst the hotel owners which are incorporating Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions in their businesses.

The great thing about Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions is that it’s specifically molded for business men and women and some of these hotels that offer Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions actually have on-ground Expo building that can be utilized by you the business person.

With the Thai Culinary Arts Class you can learn the fine art of Thai cooking, one of the world’s most popular cuisines, at the Royal Cliff School of Thai Culinary Arts. Opened in September 2000, the school offers an ideal learning environment with a large open kitchen area for practical instruction, a small lobby and reception area, a locker room and a typically-Thai dining room with wooden furnishings and floor seating. Regularly scheduled classes are three hours long and in addition to cooking lessons, participants receive a number of complimentary gift items.

There are also special classes conducted for children. Each 3-hour class includes; Welcome Drink, lunch, Ingredients, Recipes and Menus, Apron and Chef’s Hat, Gift Basket with Spices, Herbs and Curry Pastes, A Thai Culinary Arts Certificate. This would be a fantastic way to get away from the business side of things and take a break from work!

Theme Parties Clients have the opportunity to choose from a number of predetermined themes (a few of them listed below) or to customize one to their own liking. Whatever the case may be, a theme dinner or party at the Royal Cliff Beach Resort is guaranteed to be one of the highlights of your event. Themes include things such as; Ancient Sukhothai Theme, Black and Gold Theme, Dine Around Asia Theme dinner, Fiesta Latina theme, Fishermen’s Theme dinner, Orchid Theme Dinner, and Chinese Emperor Theme Dinner.

Royal Cliff Wine Club is Asia’s leading wine club! The Royal Cliff Wine Club was launched on the 28th of April, 2001. It is a by-product of the resorts enthusiasm in promoting wines and hosting wine-related events. Creative backdrops, excellent props and high quality staff service – from bringing in the wines to serving them – are what makes the club so very well-received. Add to that, a very affordable Baht 3,000 annual membership fee.

The Resort’s Wine Cellar houses close to 900 of the world’s best New and Old-World wine labels ranging in price from 850-450,000 baht a bottle and boasts more than 36,000 wines in its inventory including 10 varieties of the Resort’s own label Selection. The wines in this selection are from some of the world’s best wine producing regions and exclusively made and bottled for the Royal Cliff Beach Resort. The walk-in cellar houses carefully selected Old and New World wine labels, plus a variety of fine Champagnes and sparkling wines. For your convenience, the wine list comes with a map of wine-growing areas and shows where a specific wine comes from.

Ultimately I was just going to list off business service like the first two but really don’t people that are away on business deserve to relax too? I mean that’s what MICE and PEACH are all about after all, a business service but something that also allows you to soak in the atmosphere and scenery around you. To be able to have conference and meeting halls available to you but to also be able to kick back and relax and enjoy the beautiful place you are! Another thing you should look into, wherever it might be that your staying is sight seeing because you get to see impressive things round the country including wildlife in parks, the expansive ocean, mountainous passes and tremendous deserts. You can check out what services your resort or hotel offers beforehand by visiting their website or calling them and just asking the concierge!