Discover New York’s Comedy Cellar

There are a number of clubs in New York city that specialize in comedy but the Comedy Cellar is among the most popular ones. Its location right in the centre of Manhattan perhaps adds to its popularity due to easy access and the fact that this is a busy locality. The club was started by television writer and producer Bill Grundfest who was then a standup comedian. The club hosts between five and seven standup comedians per show every night with each comedian given not more than 20 minutes to do their thing. Many popular standup comedians can boast to have performed at the Comedy Cellar including the likes of Jerry Seinfeld. He is known to have filmed much of his 2002 Comedian documentary at the club. The club has also been used to shoot part of commercials such as the 2006 Pepsi advertisement.

The Comedy Cellar has no less than two shows every day of the week including weekends where the number of shows doubles. The club is considered to be a tourist attraction with ads appearing on most “Things to do” lists for New York City. The Comedy Cellar seats around 140 people and the stage is smack right in the middle of the club, giving the audience a spectacular view of the performance each night. This capacity coupled with the clubs popularity means that some customers have to wait to find seats. The Comedy Cellar is located under a cafĂ©, a popular joint for after parties.

This is truly a NY landmark and anyone who visits New York City must make this club a stop on the trip for sure. Plus, since it’s New York you never know who is going to stop by for a surprise few minutes on stage – maybe even Seinfeld.