Cellar Conversion Vs Loft Conversion – A Matter of the Modern Lifestyle

Whilst in the past people have tended to want to add additional bedrooms for a growing family, the modern home owner wants to add an extra dimension of functionality in addition to the normal living and sleeping.  This can be for recreation, or work, a home cinema, gym, playroom or pad or a home office or meeting room for business colleagues. Now whilst a loft conversion is suitable for additional bedrooms, not so for the third dimensional living space.

The utilities kitchen, dining room should always be on the ground floor, as this is where the shopping comes in and the garbage goes out – and we don’t want to have to carry all that up and down stairs.  Neither do we want to have to descend two flights of stairs rather than one in the morning when we want our first coffee, or breakfast, so the bedrooms are best kept on the first floor, just one flight away from the kitchen.

Our third dimensional living space also wants to be just one flight of stairs away from the utilities, imagine going all the way down from the loft to get your guests a coffee or a milkshake!  Neither do we want our visitors to have to go past our most private rooms – our bedrooms – to get to the home office or cinema or whatever. So by having the third story in the basement and the bedrooms on the first floor we achieve all this, everything within easy reach of the kitchen and no need to trespass past sleeping children to get there.

Noise is another consideration.  Cinemas, music rooms and teenage pads can be quite noisy and the basement is a good area for soundproofing and is the farthest away from the bedrooms so there are compelling lifestyle reasons to have the ‘third floor’ in the basement rather than on top. Find more information on Cellar Conversions here.

How to Build a Wine Cellar For a Commercial Store

Many restaurants and commercial wine stores have a difficult problem in displaying wine that is appealing for consumers to walk in and purchase. When you are retailing wine the main rule to remember is presentation. Many wine consumers are walking in without having the opportunity to taste the wine so the label and signage is your best selling point.

The first step in building a wine cellar for your commercial store or business is mapping out how much room you have available. Is your store long and narrow? Do you have a big area in front? What you want to figure out is how to have an attractive floor plan with presentation of the labels being your biggest factor.

A few possible areas to keep in mind are your floor space, half aisles, shelves, or any wall displays for your wine racks. Building out a wine cellar can be fun when you realize the different options you have to bring your wine bottles and signage to the forefront to entice customers to buy your wine.

Some fun opportunities to add to your store are free standing round aisle bins or triple reveal wine racks that really show off your available beverages. This lets your wine consumers wander in and view and then buy your wine. If you are out of space, the wall mounted wine racks with two or three columns are always popular.

With shelving in the corners of your commercial store you can get creative in your presentation of beverages, spirits, and decorations to showcase your items for sale.

Yahoo Web Hosting For Small Business

People who want to take their first steps in business ventures are really fortunate in this day and age. Yahoo Web Hosting services have put all the needed tools in a comprehensive tool box and handed them over to prospective web builders who want to start a small business. With one-of-a-kind features seen no where else, Yahoo Web Hosting not only helps start the engine for business pursuits, it also gives it the kind of momentum and velocity that promotes a perfect take-off.

First thing’s first. You’ve got to get online. Your website is your platform for advertisement. It’s your little store in the digital world. Like all stores, it’s going to need signs pointing people to it. It’s going to need decoration. Yahoo Web Hosting facilitates the creation of a professional looking website that is totally easy to maintain and run. Design templates for professional websites are available for you to modify and decorate as you see fit. These templates also have photo gallery arrangements where you can put your products and services on display.

Pictures speak more than a thousand words, but videos speak more than a million pictures! Audio video features provided by yahoo web hosting services enhance your site. If you were teaching someone a valuable lesson, you could walk them through step by step with videos you put up. In your small business pursuit, marketing communications are going to be the central element. You can use customizable forms to get visitor’s information so that these communications become easier and more effective. With unlimited data transfer, disk space and email storage, your website can just keep growing with your imagination.

Yahoo Web Hosting features place efficient reporting capabilities in the palm of your hands. With these extensive reporting facilities, you can track your success rate and never stay behind. Yahoo’s business email template offers new features. You can multitask by opening multiple emails at once. You can also organize your email collection by dragging messages into folders. You can easily go back and forth between your business email and free yahoo accounts. Yahoo Web Hosting can help your small business grow from the cellar to the roof in no time and allow your website to thrive in any economy.