So You Want to Get Into the Wine Business?

There are currently over 6,000 wineries, both real and virtual in the US. (You may be wondering just what is a virtual winery? More on that later.) There are currently four options available for getting into this growing industry for those who have the desire.

The first is the classic avenue that has been the most common one for most of our history, the bonded winery. This is for those who are actually going to build a physical “brick and mortar” structure to make the wine in and then sell that wine.

The second route is for those who have a desire to make and sell their own wines, but are not quite ready to make the financial investment into having one built or purchasing an existing one. In this case they become qualified with the TTB (federal government) as what is called an alternating proprietor and then enter into an agreement/contract with an existing bonded winery to share their space and make their wines there.

The third option for getting in is the one that has grown dramatically especially in the past 10 years. This is the category of the custom crush client, also sometimes known as wholesalers. They and the alternating proprietors are the “virtual” wineries I was referring to earlier. A custom crush client becomes qualified as a wholesaler with the TTB and enters into an agreement with a bonded winery to have their wines made, then takes the finished product and goes out and sells it.

The final option is a category that has also become more common in more recent times. This is the bonded wine cellar. A bonded wine cellar is not allowed to actually ferment wine on its site. Instead they store, blend and bottle finished wines. Many wineries have come upon space demand issues in the past decade as their business has grown and so they then had a need to send some of their wines to these bonded wine cellar sites for temporary storage.

There are a wider variety of avenues for getting started in the wine industry than many would possibly guess. It is essentially an open avenue to anyone with a desire to make or have made their own brand of wine. This does in large part explain the rapid increase in the numbers in just the past 5 years. For more information on the TTB’s requirements for getting in, go to:

The Advantages of Cellar Conversions

Cellar conversions could be very beneficial for you instead of moving into another place. The basement nowadays is very popular as an extension to your home. You can create a place for recreation or work, a home theater, a gym, an office, a playroom or a place for your business meetings.

A dry basement could be a key to putting up successful cellar conversions. When you know that your basement has a persistent dampness, then the first thing that you are going to do is to manage the water that occupies it. Though there are certain things you can do by yourself by keeping your basement dry, there are still problems that only a professional waterproofing contractor can do.

Mechanical equipments are also an issue to deal with such as electrical conduit, heating ducts and pipes. If you have the difficulty in rerouting the pipes, then there are other alternatives, like painting the pipes together with the d├ęcor so that it would blend in nicely. One of the things that you should keep in mind is to have a heater or possibly cool the area.

Dehumidification is really needed for your cellar conversions. You should cooperate with the contractor so that you will know what are the things involved in the system for the basement. This is commonly an easy work if the system is large enough for the increased load.

Since there is only a minimal amount of light that would pass through the basement, you should make sure to provide an artificial lighting. Some basement has a higher ceiling that would accommodate a natural light just enough to provide a nice cellar conversions for your home.

Wine Cellars in Luxury Homes

Wine collecting is becoming quite the popular hobby. Those who can afford it have taken a strong liking to not only tasting great wines, but creating a collection of some of their favorites as well. Drinking wine was once only done by royalty but these days all kinds of Americans are pouring themselves a glass of their favorite red or white. But what to do when your bottle collection starts growing out of control?

Wine collecting can become cumbersome if the collectors’ vintage count reaches 600 bottles or more. At some point those cute little glass-fronted refrigerator units just won’t do. For a large cache of vintage wines, a more ample storage solution will be necessary. There are many wine cellar options available; some using fine woods like mahogany or premium redwood.

Your wine asset management can be handled quite nicely with the inclusion of a wine cellar in your home. Many high-end homes are now being outfitted with wine cellars which maintain a constant temperature between 50 and 60 degrees and incorporate appropriate shelving or racks. Some considerations regarding the storage room or cellar are temperature control, humidity control, how long your wines are going to be stored, security measures, and if you are considering moving any time soon.

Wine rooms or cellars can be installed during the building process, and can range in style from glass fronted rooms, to coves with faux rock walls resembling caves. Maybe you have a room in your home you want to serve as a wine room. It can be fitted with special temperature controls and customized shelving, so your wines stay in the protected setting necessary to preserve quality.

Or, you can have a specialized company come in and build your wine cellar. They are beautiful and pricey if you have it done this way. There are also kits available to help the do-it-yourselfer build a wine cellar. Which ever way you choose to install your personal wine cellar, count on this feature appealing to the luxury real estate market.

When people are looking for a luxury home to purchase, a wine cellar could be the deciding factor for them. Having one in your home is always a plus. I once knew a mature couple looking for a home near their place of business, and after looking at many up-scale homes in their area, they chose the one with the temperature-controlled wine room.

Those who love wine and have a bit of space somewhere in their home should consider a wine cellar. Wine cellars are great for show, but more importantly, the best way to store your tasty hobby close by.