Starting a Junk Removal Business – One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure!

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure is an old saying and it applies nicely to someone that wants to start a junk removal business. This is an interesting business because it has two source of revenue.

As one that owns a junk removal business, you are taking care of a problem that your average homeowner has no ability or desire to even attempt. You remove their unwanted items and get paid to do it. Some of the items you throw away, some you keep and some you resell at a profit margin that is unheard of in most businesses.

If you look around your house, cellar and garage you would probably see a lot of stuff that you no longer want or need but do not feel like renting a truck and hauling it away. That is where the junk removal professional comes in.

For a fee, a junk removal service company will haul it all away and you do not even have to help them load it up. The homeowner could care less where it goes as they are just glad to have the room and no longer have to look at that old rocking chair in the corner.

The junk removal firm charges a fee to pick it up and typically will charge a dump fee as well since some of what is collected goes to the county dump.

I said some and that is where the other source of revenue comes in. A large part of what is thrown away is perfectly good and still has a lot of life in it. The company sorts the items by what is usable and saleable and what should be put to sleep. The good products are then sold to a second hand shop, taken to a flea market and sold there or just brought to their own home for a garage sale.

The junk removal business can truly be an interesting and profitable business for the person that does not mind a little work and has a discerning eye.